Beyond the Book of Eibon  + Goodies

Beyond the Book of Eibon + Goodies

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“And you will face the sea of darkness, and all therein that may be explored…


  • Includes book, pins, stickers and bookmark 

A haunted priest confronts an apocalypse of his sins ...

The last days of a doomed conquistador …

An impossible realm of painted nightmares ...

These are but glimpses into the world of Beyond the Book of Eibon, a literary tribute to the mind-boggling terrors and bizarre atmospheres of the maestro of Italian horror film Lucio Fulci with a bounty of original short fiction. Taking inspiration from the horrors and atmospheres of Fulci’s works, fifteen established and up-and-coming weird fiction authors including Adam Cesare (Clown in a Cornfield), Gemma Files (Experimental Film), Christopher Slatsky (The Immeasurable Corpse of Nature), and Matt Serafini (Rites of Extinction) have put together their own spine-tingling stories taking cues from all sides of Fulci’s career, from his infamous cosmic-splatter films to his outré exercises in dark fantasy and gothic westerns. Additionally, the book will contain a forward by Kier-La Janisse, whose landmark House of Psychotic Women helped redefine the critical approach to exploitation films in the 2010s.

Titled after Lucio Fulci’s cursed Book of Eibon, itself a reference to Clark Ashton Smith’s tome of the same name, Beyond the Book of Eibon combines the gothic, the weird, and the gory in a carefully curated anthology that should please everyone from die-hard Fulci fanatics to devotees of all stripes of weird fiction.



Beloved by cutting-edge horror writers like Clive Barker and Poppy Z. Brite, Lucio Fulci directed some of the strangest works in the history of European genre cinema from 1959 up until his death in 1996; in particular his singularly bizarre horror films. From the avant-pop giallo madness of A Lizard in a Women’s Skin to the auto-critique anarchy of Cat in the Brain, Fulci worked in a league of his own, creating films that were every bit as beautiful and technically accomplished as those by the Mario Bavas and Dario Argentos of the world, but with a real sense of grit and melancholy that no other Eurohorror director could match. The breadth of Fulci’s filmography offers a myriad of styles and subject matter for our writers to play with, remix, and homage in their stories.


Astrid Rose is a horror writer living in Chicago. She is currently working on The Dreadful Hours, a Gothic novella, and various short stories. She has written for websites like Real Life, Hazlitt, and Bullet Points Monthly.

Perry Ruhland is an award-winning writer, filmmaker, and critic based in Chicago. Previously, he has released both a cosmic horror short film entitled Sungazer and a collection of illustrated microfiction entitled The Last Nautilean & Other Seaside Phantasmagoria.


  • Adam Cesare (Clown in a Cornfield, Video Night)

  • Gretchen Felker-Martin (Ego Homini Lupus, Manhunt - forthcoming)

  • Gemma Files (Experimental Film, The Hexslinger trilogy)

  • Orrin Grey (Guignol and Other Sardonic Tales, Painted Monsters and Other Strange Beasts)
  • Michael Hoarty (Akashic Imprint Oddities, The Bodies Bear Traces of Parasitic Infection forthcoming)
  • H.K. Lovejoy (Funerary artist, The Black in Between) 
  • Kai Perrignon (Static Vision, The Melbourne International Film Festival)
  • Perry Ruhland (The Last Nautilean & Other Seaside Phantasmagoria, Sungazer)
  • Astrid Rose (Morbid Tales: An Anthology of Weird Fiction, Bullet Points Monthly)
  • Matt Serafini (Rites of Extinction, Under the Blade)
  • Christopher Slatsky (Alectryomancer and Other Weird Tales, The Immeasurable Corpse of Nature)
  • William Tea (Mannequin: Tales of Wood Made Flesh, In Stefan’s House: A Weird Fiction Tribute to Stefan Grabiński)
  • Mike Thorn (Darkest Hours, Shelter for the Damned forthcoming)
  • L.C. Von Hessen (Vasterian, Nox Pareidolia)
  • Mer Whinery (Trade Yer Coffin for a Gun, The Little Dixie Horror Show

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