MORBID TALES: An Anthology of Weird Fiction Volume II

MORBID TALES: An Anthology of Weird Fiction Volume II

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The second volume of Morbid Tales II is what you've come to expect from America's only PUBLISHING CRYPT: TRUE UNDERGROUND FICTION!


Ballad of a Crystal Man: Andrew Darlington
Is Pleasant Valley blessed, or accursed? What lies beyond it? Three young people set out to discover the shocking truth about their world…

The White Motel: Aisha Nozari
“throbbing slowly no more / the crinkled corpse / floated light / back to the shallow end”

The Black Room: David Bryson
Don’t fear the reaper.

In Plain Darkness: Mitchell Underwood
A pulpish, spiritual rumination on death and the darkest currents of the cosmos as experienced by one unfortunate archaeologist.

Kurdaitcha: Corey J. White & Austin Armatys
“There’s nothing superstitious about fearing a man they say can wear the shape of animals. There’s nothing fanciful about fearing a man they say speaks with the dead. It’s just common bloody sense. Some things in this world are supposed to be feared.”

Mannequin: D.P. Sobieski
This bizarre love story reads like a Twilight Zone episode written and directed by a speed freak metalhead who can’t stand his poser roommates.

In the Summer You Really Know: Evan Pacewicz
“She took my silver spurs, a dollar and a dime…and left me craving for more summer wine.”

Eternal Night: Jerrod Preston
Maddening terrors lurk hidden in the deepest edges of space in this gritty sci-fi ripper.

The Vineland Branch: Dutch Pearce
A mysterious book leads two lovers on a dangerous and mind-boggling adventure in this sprawling examination of love and commitment.

Strong Female Bleed Part Two: Coco Roy
“Thriller: A Cruel Picture” filtered through soft drugs and Deep Purple records.

A Nightmare in Black: Doc Holocausto
The vocalist of a controversial black metal band experiences a night of pleasure...and even greater TERROR!

Firebug Confessional: E. Mishic
Burn everything to the fucking ground.

134 pages, printed in the USA.


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